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Complete Fully Automated Visual Radio Solution in a Simple Way

It integrates with your existing radio Playout software & also has built-in a Radio and TV Playout for Free

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Transform your Radio into a Television Channel with CLOSE RadioTV

allows your radio to broadcast live videos, and creates a new world of opportunities for the radio stations, their audience, and their sponsors.
Main Features of the CLOSE RadioTV solution

HD Video Streaming INCLUDED

CLOSE RadioTV includes HD audio and video streaming at no extra charge, so that your broadcasting signal can be on the Internet from the very moment you have installed CLOSE RadioTV in your radio station. Your high-quality, professional broadcasting signal will always be on the Internet, without exception.

Video Clips from the Cloud

Videos automatically downloaded from the cloud. CLOSE Radio TV features a cloud storage for video clips. The video content is produced in a fully automated way.

Supports All Types of Video Cameras

Wide range of camera options. CLOSE Radio TV can work with all types of webcams and professional cameras: HD webcams, HD-SDI cameras, HD broadcast PTZ cameras, video capture cards, IP traffic or security cameras using RSTP or HTTP protocols, even mobile cameras like smartphones.

mediaTV Radio and TV automation Playout

easy to operate, robust and powerful, with a modern approach to make visual radio, endowed with flexibility allowing operators to make radio as they like. Simple and perfect for making visual radio.
más info.

Social Media Video Streaming

Youtube Live + Facebook Live + Your Web Site 24/7
Broadcast simultaneously to 6 CDNs –Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram TV, Twitch... + your Web site video signal published 24/7 – with just one video signal uploaded. This allows you to use a conventional Internet connection to transmit with HD quality and no blackouts to 6 places at the same time.
Powered by the CLOSE RadioTV Cloud

Virtual Cameras for Videoconferences

ideal on Google Meet, Zoom and similar platforms. Creates a separate video input for each meeting participant. Allows you to set up your scenes with unrestricted freedom.


Automation of video cameras by audio, only the cameras of who are talking in the studio are shown. All this is done automatically with no interaction required from the operator.
más info.

Chroma key – Virtual Sets

It is an audiovisual technique broadly used both in the film and TV industries to extract a colour from an image and replace with another image the area it occupied and create virtual sets.

Smart Scenes

Trigger images, videos and quickly title texts, with user-defined positions

Works with your current Radio Playout

integrates with more than 25 radio automation softwares, your radio operator has no need to learn anything new

more features...

This is how CLOSE RadioTV works

the new way of doing Visual Radio

Install our Visual Radio Solution and Video Automation right away and, in only 5 minutes, your radio will be transformed into a modern TV channel broadcasting music, video clips, live video cameras, and news to the entire world and to all devices without having to download any content in advance, create playlists, or learn how to use complex systems.

Video automation for Radios in a Simple way

CLOSE RadioTV produces all the audiovisual content automatically, according to what the on-air automation software programs. Consequently, it does not require specialized staff for its operation, nor does it waste operators´ time. Call today and install CLOSE RadioTV right away in any computer of your radio station!

You will immediately start to enjoy the benefits of changing to an audiovisual platform with which you will increase your advertising revenue and gain a larger captive audience in the multiple on-line platforms and social networks –at no significant additional costs, and in a 100% automatic way. With CLOSE RadioTV, the creative potential of the radio station becomes unlimited!

CLOSE RadioTV includes its own cloud of services, and features the automatic download of video clips based on the name of the song that your radio station is about to play. Yes, you read it right!

This module, entirely developed by us, allows the platform to activate an automatic quick search (in milliseconds) for the video clip that matches the name of the song your radio is going to play. Once it finds the video, it downloads it to the radio station´s PC and starts displaying it to your audience. And all this is done automatically, without the intervention of any operator. Likewise, the software saves the video ready to be used again the next time the same song is played.

Broadcast to Social Networks

CLOSE RadioTV is perfectly compatible with the most popular social networks. It is specifically designed to improve the interaction between the radio station and its listeners from any device. You start broadcasting in Facebook LIVE with a single clic, and with another one you begin transmitting in YouTube Live and in your ALSOLNET HD streaming video signal appearing 24/7 in your Web site.

Be always ready to broadcast your special guests, events, and programs to all your followers throughout the social networks with a single clic!

Your radio keeps working exactly as in the past

but thanks to CLOSE RadioTV´s magic it will also become a Visual Radio and multimedia content channel, and it will stand out because of its cutting-edge and most exclusive technology. No matter how big or small your radio station is, there will always be a plan that fits your needs without having to spend big amounts of money.
As the latest audiovisual software on the market, CLOSE RadioTV took the place of the ones existing so far to revolutionize the world of streaming once again.

With CLOSE RadioTV, you will be able to control the settings of the radio station´s server either locally or remotely, because this software can runs in the same computer from which your radio broadcasts.

Contact us today! CLOSE RadioTV includes the HD audio & video streaming service in its price, at no extra charge.
Get all the solutions in the same place!

Automatic Downloading of Videos from the Cloud

CLOSE Radio TV features a cloud for video clips. Without the intervention of any operator, it automatically downloads from the cloud the video clip related to the song that is being played. The video catalogue includes thousands of videos supported by YouTube.

From the very moment you install CLOSE RadioTV, you will have this video content available and your radio will broadcast like a music TV channel WITHOUT having to upload a single video clip.
CLOSE RadioTV is the smart way of transforming your radio signal into a video channel at no additional costs in terms of man-hour time for the production of content.

This is how BotCAM works

subtitles are available - use CC option

BotCAM + TALLY Light Detection

Video camera automation by Audio, only the cameras of the people who are speaking in the studio are displayed. All of this is done automatically with no operator interaction required.

Air Light Detection, every time a microphone is enabled (AIR light turns on) the BotCAM system or main studio camera is enabled, as soon as the microphones are turned off CLOSE RadioTV goes back to automatic with the radio programming: showing the video of the music track, commercial break, splitter, or whatever it is playing on your Air Software or mediaTV (CLOSE RadioTV's Free Radio Automator).

Integration is seamless whether your audio console is analog or digital.

Web Data Extractor, Remote Control from Tablet ... much more

Web Data Extractor allows you to display on screen any information you want from the Internet, constantly updated.

Remote control via Web with real-time camera preview, through a WebApp (Responsive Web that works from any mobile and desktop device).

HTTP API for integration with external software or devices.


The behavioral intelligence automatically switches cameras to whoever is talking and inserts titles, graphics and even ads. Add compelling live video to your radio streams today.

Visual Radio Fully Automated

CLOSE RadioTV is the easiest way to turn your radio station into a visual radio station.

Produce engaging live productions without the need for a video operator with CLOSE RadioTV's latest advancement in automated voice productions.

CLOSE RadioTV will take care of all the video and graphics content management, and the radio operator will continue to work without any extra workload or modifications to his workflow regardless of which radio automation sofware uses. Using directly mediaTV, the modern and attractive Radio and TV automation software that is included for free, or from the currents radio automation system from any of the 25+ radio automation software that CLOSE RadioTV integrates with.

Camera Options in CLOSE RadioTV

can work with professional HD webcams, HD-SDI cameras, and HD broadcast PTZ cameras. CLOSE RadioTV includes an integrated motion feature designed to perform a smooth and accurate panning, tilt, and zoom function, and also includes customized presets.

Income Generator

With CLOSE RadioTV you will enjoy all the advantages of being a TV channel. TV advertising provides companies with a number of benefits through the integration of sound, image, and movement into a whole pack that is attractive for the consumers.
Now you and your clients will be able to communicate to a very large audience. With CLOSE RadioTV, you will maximize your income. Benefit from the economic gain resulting from specific advertisements being displayed on the screen without interruption 24 hours a day. Schedule your advertisements in accordance with your radio programs.

Advertising within Advertisements. In addition to the new option of displaying your advertisements using video, you will be able to have brief announcements on the screen during the commercials.
• Captured by a camera, your radio studio´s background will become an apt space for an active advertising campaign during live broadcasts.
• Your talented staff will be able to promote a product or service.

80% + INCOME

CLOSE RadioTV + Free Video Streaming Service

CLOSE RadioTV includes HD audio & video streaming at no extra charge, so that your broadcasting signal can be on the Internet from the very moment you have installed CLOSE Radio TV in your radio station. Your high-quality, professional broadcasting signal will always be on the Internet, without exception.
One company provides you both with a comprehensive solution and the assurance of continuously broadcasting on the Internet with no blackouts or interruptions.
We offer cutting-edge technologies for the production of videos to their encoding, broadcasting, and publication in your Web site using advanced HTML5 video players.
This ensures an excellent playback from any device –whether a desktop PC, a tablet, or an Android or iOS smartphone– and on the most popular web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There is no need to install any application for your broadcasting signal to be visible on mobile phones.

We are partners with ALSOLNET.com.ar S.R.L. for providing the HD audio & video streaming services.

Streaming is becoming the norm in terms of content distribution. The CLOSE RadioTV and ALSOLNET combined platforms offer greater control over the multimedia content with advanced tools for the analysis and statistics, as well as the capability to broadcast CLOSE RadioTV videos online, regardless of the device or platform that will reproduce them.

mediaTV PlayOut for Radio and TV: Fast, Easy to Operate, Powerful and Robust.

Main Features
of mediaTV.

VoiceTrack Recording

Save time by recording your radio program, with audio and video. Automatically record only the voice / video when the program broadcast live.

Play any modern audio

including WAV, MP3 and MP4

Dynamic track group categorisation

based on search criteria in your music library through the built in Media Manager

Artist separation and rotations

with playout policies and pattern

Trigger actions at specific times

with Scheduled Events

Repeater System

replace the commercial break of the remote repeaters with the local commercial break of the remote repeaters

Advanced Programming with Commercial Scheduler

Schedule commercials and spots into your broadcast. Schedule remote DJs and presenters using Audio/Video Stream Links.

Multiple player options

Live-assist, Auxiliaries, intro Jingles, PlayLists... modes

Hourly / daily grids with programmed clocks

create your programming without restrictions, no matter how complex it may be

Fixed Time Markers

to keep to time and adjust your playback to the time schedule

Trigger scenes from a Tablet

has a WebApp, for triggering the scenes from any web browser

NO Databases

Robust, no reliance on databases, no worries about power outages

Assign players to individual sound cards

including audio mixers with Dante and Livewire

Fine tune track transitions

Smooth audio crossfade with virtual input and output marks

Cloud Powered

Remote URL streams

to play audio and video external content

Synchronized Audio and Video

Your music, commercials, sweepers always synchronized with the video

Media Manager

media library of all your audio and video content, categorizing your content, with instant answers to your searches.

mediaTV FREE Radio and TV Playout

mediaTV is easy to operate, robust and powerful, with a modern approach for making visual radio, endowed with flexibility allowing operators to make radio the way they like it. It was born natively with the power to play audio and video files, making it modern and perfect for visual radio.

List of Main Features

• HD Audio and Video Streaming Servers Included
• CLOSE Cloud Services
• Intuitive and simple yet flexible user interface that is very quick to learn.
• Automatic recognition and downloading of VideoClips of the music being played.
• Support 6 Full HD Studio Cameras.
• NDI video input
• Video Input from external sources RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, HLS, Icecast, Shoutcast, Wowza
• Input for IP Cameras
• Input to use Smartphone as a camera
• Support for sdi/hdmi video capture boards such as Blackmagic, Decklink and others.
• and more Flexible Video Inputs
• Unlimited video sources
• Unlimited layers for your scene editor
• Unrestricted scene assembly allowing you to position your cameras with their respective positions and sizes for each scene individually.
• Picture in Picture
• Advertising associated to Images or Videos.
• PTZ camera support
• Skype video input as another video camera from the camera manager.
• Chroma Key management for background replacement on video cameras and virtual sets. 
• Real-time camera video preview with individual or block views.
• Camera director, one-click camera triggering with fluid movements.
• Complete scene management such as picture-in-picture videos, etc.
• Intelligent Scenes
• AlmbuArt cover art of played music tracks provided by CLOSE cloud.
• Animation of Title, Artist and Album images, providing the highest quality and visual fluidity to the viewer.
• Virtual cameras for Google Meet, Zoom and similar platforms. Creates a separate video input for each meeting participant. Allows you to assemble your scenes with unrestricted freedom.
• Automation of Video Cameras via **BotCam or Solidyne and Axia Livewire consoles.
• BotCam shows the cameras only of the people who are talking.
• Overlay Adds.
• Event and Macro Scheduler, based on conditions, time/day and events occurred.

• Monitor Capture, integrated as a camera, for quick access.
• Social Media Video Streaming: Live streaming to several points simultaneously: Facebook Live and/or YouTube Live, Twitch, Instagram TV among others in addition to your website, with the push of a button; with bandwidth saving system. Only one video signal is sent for more than transmitting to several points simultaneously. Backed by CLOSE RadioTV's cloud servers, providing fluidity in your broadcast.
• Detector and Copyright Prevention when broadcasting on social networks.
• Remote Control via Web through a WebApp ( Responsive Web that works from any mobile and desktop device ) with real-time Camera Preview.
• HTTP API for integration with external software or devices.
• Fast Text Titler with user predefined positions.
• News management via RSS
• Acquisition and display of temperature and time.
• Web Data Extractor, allows you to display on screen any information you want from the Internet, constantly updated.
• mediaTV a powerful Playout and scheduler, easy and simple to operate; which features video and audio preview to quickly cut intros and outros, fast Virtual mark-in and mark-out, AutoDJ, Auxiliaries, Commercial Scheduler System and more.
• YouTube Instant Play, a powerful module that allows you to send YouTube videos from your Firefox web browser to CLOSE RadioTV's video catalog at the click of a button for use on the mediaTV. Effectively solved with audio and video the request for music tracks from your listeners.
• Supports and integrates with more than 25 radio automation software, in addition to owning the mediaTV with which you can automate your station or TV channel.
• It has no hidden costs for its operation, nor additional costs in time of operators, technicians and other staff of the station to perform visual radio in a professional manner.
• Designed from its roots to make visual radio and not a software adapted from TV to try to make Visual Radio.
• All its handling is designed to perform complex operations quickly and simply with a click.
• Dozens of modules and functions that CLOSE RadioTV provides which are periodically increased.
• Guaranteed updates with new functions and improvements every month. 
• Technical Support by phone and/or WhatsApp 7 days a week.
• Remote Assistance via TeamViewer.

Together we are shaping the future of visual radio

Experience the most complete and easiest visual radio solution EVER.

CLOSE RadioTV also includes our FREE HD Audio and Video Streaming services.
The cost of our audio and video streaming is in turn one of the cheapest on the market, and we offer plans with the highest service quality and more than 99.98% uptime.

Our company was founded back in 2001, and since then we have been developing software and offering our services to small and big radio stations from Argentina and other countries. We have also broadcast important events and concerts for many years, which provided us with a large experience and the ability to handle an ample bandwidth and plenty of resources.
On this occasion, we have developed new software that will surely revolutionize your radio station from top to toe, marking a before and an after CLOSE RadioTV time.
It will be like a BC/AC (before CLOSE RadioTV/after CLOSE RadioTV) in your radio´s history.

CLOSE RadioTV + All Cloud Services + Streaming Audio and Video in HD + Professional Technical Support, is offered as a service so you have the peace of mind that you pay monthly for something that works, continuously improving with free updates and receiving from our professionals all the solutions and advanced technical assistance that your station requires every day to provide its listeners and sponsors the latest technologies.

There are similar products without an automation system, on-air software integration, and videos or multimedia content. Besides, they don´t include information modules or dynamisms of any sort. They imply additional operating costs per month and waste you staff’s time without providing real economic profits. They cost thousands of dollars and an investment of no less than ten thousand dollars in only a few months, not to speak of the high operating costs that any other video platform entails.

CLOSE RadioTV is unique and affordable by all kinds of radio stations.

Thank you for taking us into account. We count on you as a future happy customer of CLOSE RadioTV!

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