Turn Your Radio Station into a TV Channel

 CLOSE RadioTV is the evolution of the radio!

Visual Radio in a Simple Way.
CLOSE RadioTV allows your radio to broadcast live videos, and creates a new world of opportunities for the radio stations, their audience, and their sponsors.

Install our Visual Radio Solution and Video Automation right away and, in only 5 minutes, your radio will be transformed into a modern TV channel broadcasting music, video clips, live video cameras, and news to the entire world and to all devices without having to download any content in advance, create playlists, or learn how to use complex systems.

from u$s 99 month (billed annually) or u$s 129 month

How CLOSE RadioTV Works

CLOSE RadioTV produces all the audiovisual content automatically, according to what the on-air automation software programs. Consequently, it does not require specialized staff for its operation, nor does it waste operators´ time.
Call today and install CLOSE RadioTV right away in any computer of your radio station!
You will immediately start to enjoy the benefits of changing to an audiovisual platform with which you will increase your advertising revenue and gain a larger captive audience in the multiple on-line platforms and social networks –at no significant additional costs, and in a 100% automatic way. With CLOSE RadioTV, the creative potential of the radio station becomes unlimited!

CLOSE RadioTV includes its own cloud of services, and features the automatic download of video clips based on the name of the song that your radio station is about to play. Yes, you read it right!

This module, entirely developed by us, allows the platform to activate an automatic quick search (in milliseconds) for the video clip that matches the name of the song your radio is going to play. Once it finds the video, it downloads it to the radio station´s PC and starts displaying it to your audience. And all this is done automatically, without the intervention of any operator. Likewise, the software saves the video ready to be used again the next time the same song is played.

Your radio keeps working exactly as in the past, but thanks to CLOSE RadioTV´s magic it will also become a Visual Radio and multimedia content channel, and it will stand out because of its cutting-edge and most exclusive technology. No matter how big or small your radio station is, there will always be a plan that fits your needs without having to spend big amounts of money.
As the latest audiovisual software on the market, CLOSE RadioTV took the place of the ones existing so far to revolutionize the world of streaming once again.

With CLOSE RadioTV, you will be able to control the settings of the radio station´s server either locally or remotely, because this software runs in the same computer from which your radio broadcasts.

Contact us today! CLOSE RadioTV includes the HD audio & video streaming service in its price, at no extra charge. Get all the solutions in the same place!


CLOSE RadioTV is the easiest way to turn your radio station into a visual radio station.

CLOSE RadioTV will take complete care of video and graphics content management, while your current automation system –for instance, from an Audicom to a Zara Radio– will continue to be in charge of the audio only, with no further changes.

COMPATIBLE WITH SOCIAL NETWORKS. CLOSE RadioTV is perfectly compatible with the most popular social networks. It is specifically designed to improve the interaction between the radio station and its listeners from any device. You start broadcasting in Facebook LIVE with a single clic, and with another one you begin transmitting in YouTube Live and in your ALSOLNET HD streaming video signal appearing 24/7 in your Web site.

Be always ready to broadcast your special guests, events, and programs to all your followers throughout the social networks with a single clic!

Automatic Downloading of Videos from the Cloud

CLOSE Radio TV features a cloud for video clips. Without the intervention of any operator, it automatically downloads from the cloud the video clip related to the song that is being played. The video catalogue includes thousands of videos supported by YouTube.

From the very moment you install CLOSE RadioTV, you will have this video content available and your radio will broadcast like a music TV channel WITHOUT having to upload a single video clip. Close RadioTV is the smart way of transforming your radio signal into a video channel at no additional costs in terms of man-hour time for the production of content.


CLOSE RadioTV can work with professional HD webcams, HD-SDI cameras, and Vaddio HD broadcast PTZ cameras. CLOSE RadioTV includes an integrated motion feature designed to perform a smooth and accurate panning, tilt, and zoom function, and it will soon also include customized presets for Vaddio Cameras.



With CLOSE RadioTV, your listeners can choose from which device to listen to their favourite music or radio station while interacting and participating in the radio studio activity in real time.


LiveU + NDI + Skype Video + Mobile Apps Video Inputs for Remote Broadcast with CLOSE RadioTV


Turn your camera or smartphone into a live broadcast for CLOSE RadioTV.

Now you can cover news and events taking place outside the radio studio in any place of the world! CLOSE RadioTV includes either the ultra-portable LiveU transmission unit for remote broadcasts or NDI and mobile Apps both for Android and iOS.

CLOSE RadioTV opens up a new world of opportunities for the coverage of live broadcasts, thus adding new content to the radio and benefiting the audience and the clients.


With CLOSE RadioTV you will enjoy all the advantages of being a TV channel. TV advertising provides companies with a number of benefits through the integration of sound, image, and movement into a whole pack that is attractive for the consumers.

Now you and your clients will be able to communicate to a very large audience.

With CLOSE RadioTV, you will maximize your income. Benefit from the economic gain resulting from specific advertisements being displayed on the screen without interruption 24 hours a day. Schedule your advertisements in accordance with your radio programs.


Advertising within Advertisements. In addition to the new option of displaying your advertisements using video, you will be able to have brief announcements on the screen during the commercials.
 • Captured by a camera, your radio studio´s background will become an apt space for an active advertising campaign during live broadcasts.
 • Your talented staff will be able to promote a product or service.

CLOSE RadioTV + HD Streaming INCLUDED!


CLOSE RadioTV includes HD audio & video streaming at no extra charge, so that your broadcasting signal can be on the Internet from the very moment you have installed CLOSE Radio TV in your radio station. Your high-quality, professional broadcasting signal will always be on the Internet, without exception.

One company provides you both with a comprehensive solution and the assurance of continuously broadcasting on the Internet with no blackouts or interruptions. We offer cutting-edge technologies for the production of videos to their encoding, broadcasting, and publication in your Web site using advanced HTML5 video players. This ensures an excellent playback from any device –whether a desktop PC, a tablet, or an Android or iOS smartphone– and on the most popular web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There is no need to install any application for your broadcasting signal to be visible on mobile phones.

We are partners with ALSOLNET.com.ar S.R.L. for providing the HD audio & video streaming services.

Streaming is becoming the norm in terms of content distribution. The CLOSE RadioTV and ALSOLNET combined platforms offer greater control over the multimedia content with advanced tools for the analysis and statistics, as well as the capability to broadcast CLOSE RadioTV videos online, regardless of the device or platform that will reproduce them.

Main Features

  • HD audio & video streaming included
  • Automatic video downloading based on the song being played
  • Integration with any radio automation software
  • Flexible, user-friendly interface, very easy to learn
  • Automatic on-air/on-air light detection (optional, through an inexpensive interface)
  • Activation of on-air cameras and the auto shooting mode by simply pressing one key on the keyboard, while any other software is running on the PC
  • RSS News Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Time and temperature display
  • Automatic switch between camera and sound (through an optional hardware interface)
  • Cameras rotation
  • Flexible video inputs
  • Video input for external RTMP sources
  • IP NDI Video input
  • IP Cameras input (Survillance, PTZ, and more)
  • External RTSP, HTTP, etc.
  • Intelligent Scene Mode
  • Location shots via LiveU or smartphone
  • Advertisements linked to images or videos
  • Skins support
  • HD Studio Webcam / Cameras support (up to 6 webcams simultaneously)
  • Blackmagic cards support
  • Broadcast in Facebook LIVE with a single clic
  • Broadcast in YouTube LIVE with a single clic
  • Video calls integration (Skype Video, Hangouts, etc.)
  • Multi-streaming broadcast to several CDNs simultaneously with only one video signal
  • Picture within Picture
  • Chroma key – Green Screen
  • Purposely designed to increase your income
  • … and more! We keep on improving every day.

What CLOSE Radio TV Plans Offer


The CLOSE RadioTV platform is FREE OF CHARGE, and is included in our HD audio & video streaming service. The cost of our audio and video streaming is in turn one of the cheapest on the market, and we offer plans with the highest service quality and more than 99.9% uptime.

Our company was founded back in 2001, and since then we have been developing software and offering our services to small and big radio stations from Argentina and other countries. We have also broadcast important events and concerts for many years, which provided us with a large experience and the ability to handle an ample bandwidth and plenty of resources. On this occasion, we have developed new software that will surely revolutionize your radio station from top to toe, marking a before and an after CLOSE RadioTV time. It will be like a BC/AC (before CLOSE RadioTV/after CLOSE RadioTV) in your radio´s history.

CLOSE RadioTV + All Cloud Services + Streaming Audio and Video in HD + Professional Technical Support, is offered as a service so you have the peace of mind that you pay monthly for something that works, continuously improving with free updates and receiving from our professionals all the solutions and advanced technical assistance that your station requires every day to provide its listeners and sponsors the latest technologies.

There are similar products without an automation system, on-air software integration, and videos or multimedia content. Besides, they don´t include information modules or dynamisms of any sort. They imply additional operating costs per month and waste you staff’s time without providing real economic profits. They cost thousands of dollars and an investment of no less than ten thousand dollars in only a few months, not to speak of the high operating costs that any other video platform entails.

CLOSE RadioTV is unique and affordable by all kinds of radio stations.

Thank you for taking us into account. We count on you as a future happy customer of CLOSE RadioTV!


Some of Our Customers

LIVE signal from one of our clients, in this case XLEVEL MEDIA from Puerto Rico